Comet Media Foundation had its inspiration in Halley’s Comet. When this famous astronomical object made its once-in-a-lifetime appearance in 1986, a group of young, idealistic professionals had the idea of exploring the history of science in India and creating a TV serial to educate the public on this subject. The project was based at the Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai and funded by NCSTC (National Council for Science and Technology Communication) and resulted in the primetime TV serial Bharat ki Chhap (The Identity of India) which earned international accolades.

After this initial success, Comet grew into an independent NGO focussing its efforts on media alternatives for education and social change. Over its quarter century of existence, Comet has produced a number of films and publications on social, ecological and health themes. We have also conceptualised and hosted (together partner NGOs) a number of vividhas – educational resource festivals in different parts of the country. Comet also runs an enterprise called Learning Ladder, which markets educational toys which are oriented towards child development and mostly sourced from groups of artisans all over India who use traditional crafts for production. Learning Ladder also sells educational books for all ages from the alternative press, whose publications are rarely found in mainstream bookstores. Comet has conducted a large number of workshops for teachers and others in alternative methodologies and content to help participants enrich the learning experience of their students.

In our search for a judicious mix of traditional and new media, we came to understand the importance of wider accessibility to Information and Communication Technologies through the medium of Free and Open Software. The new media initiative of Comet is named COSMOS and has been involved in conducting free software workshops and is also involved in developing an accounting package GNUKhata for NGOs and small enterprises. Another concept for future implementation is CIRCLE (Community Information Repository and Centre for Learning Experiences), a walk-in centre for informal learning including a multimedia library. We are looking NGOs  who will  partner with us in setting up CIRCLES at different locations. Comet is now exploring the area of Community Radio which is still very new in India. As we see it, a  CIRCLE could be the nucleus of a community radio station.

The uniting themes for these activities are:

Lifelong Learning

Learning through Living

Learning from Nature

Learning in Communities


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